Armenia in Council of Europe

Armenia’s accession process to the Council of Europe started in 1995. The National Assembly of Armenia was granted special guest status on 26 January 1996. On 9 November 2000, according to the Committee of Ministers Resolution 2000/13, Armenia was invited to join the Council of Europe. Armenia became a full member on 25 January 2001.

Since its accession, Armenia has been actively involved in the Organization, in the works of its institutions, as well as of a number of expert committees regulating the intergovernmental cooperation between members of the Council of Europe. Armenia takes necessary steps in order to fulfil the commitments undertaken upon its accession to the CoE and for the cooperation with permanent and temporary institutions of the organization in this task. Armenia has ratified all the conventions envisaged by the accession commitments.

A number of laws were also adopted or amended within the frameworks of Armenia’s accession commitments. The mentioned reforms were implemented based on the expertise of the Council of Europe, especially with the direct advisory participation of “the European Commission for Democracy through Law” (Venice Commission).

Nowadays, the CoE-Armenia cooperation includes almost all the spheres within the competence of the organization taking into account the priorities of the Government of Armenia, as well as the suggestions and advice of the monitoring bodies. Projects related to the justice system, the freedom of expression and media, the electoral legislation, the fight against corruption, social cohesion, education, culture and other areas have been and are being implemented in Armenia.

Armenia takes an active part in the process of fight against corruption and money laundering by joining the Group of States against corruption (GRECO), as well as the works of the Committee of Expert on the evaluation of the Anti-Money Laundering Measures (MONEYVAL).

The Permanent Representation of Armenia operates in Strasbourg.

The Armenian Delegation to the PACE is composed of four representatives and four substitutes. Armenia has also representatives in different specialized bodies of the organization.

The Council of Europe Office operates in Armenia.

Article by Edward Nalbandian, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia: 15th Anniversary of Accession to the Council of Europe