The Permanent Representative of Armenia to the Council of Europe took part in high-level Colloquium on human rights in Paris


 On September 12 Permanent Representative Armenia to the Council of Europe Paruyr Hovhannisyan participated in the Colloquium “Is the idea of the defence of human rights in Europe outdated? The Council of Europe is more necessary that ever before”. The event was organized by French parliamentarian René Rouquet and was held in Paris. It was dedicated to the future of the Council of Europe.

Opening speeches were made by the President of the National Assembly of France Claude Bartolone, State Secretary for European Affairs of France Harlem Désir and President of the PACE Pedro Agramunt. Among the speakers were also the Secretary General of the Council of Europe Thorbjorn Jagland, former PACE Presidents Anne Brasseur, Jean-Claude Mignon and other incumbent and former dignitaries.

In his intervention Ambassador Hovhannisyan noted the importance of achievements of the Council of Europe and its role in the protection of rights of all individuals living in Europe. He emphasized, that circumstances in which the Council of Europe operates have changed dramatically but the mandate of the Council of Europe has not changed. Perhaps many of difficulties that the Organization and Member States face today would not be there if the goals enshrined in the statute were pursued with more diligence and precision.

The speakers shared views on the importance of the Council of Europe and further improvement of the mechanisms aimed at the protection of human rights, especially taking into account the actual challenges that the Council of Europe faces, such as terrorism, radicalisation, stirring up of hatred and migration.